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Friday, March 29, 2019

ABC Yoga

This week Miss Emilee let me borrow this book.  It has a yoga pose for every letter of the alphabet.

Image result for ABC yoga book

The 2's class was really excited that I was reading their yoga book!

 "B" is for butterfly
"D" is for dog

"E" is for elephant.   We are pretending to drink water out of our trunks
"J" is for jellyfish

 We wiggled our arms and legs like a jellyfish too :-)

"L" is for lion!
"M" is for moon....such a nice stretch!

"O" is for owl     "who, who"

"R" is for rainbow pose.....

Great job girls!!
"S" is for shark pose  "swim, swim, swim!"

"V" is for volcano

This is when our lava erupted or "blasted out"  :-)

4's Class

"A" is for armadillo

All the "butterflies" are flying fast!
"C" is for crocodile  (I told the 4's to pretend like they are getting ready to do a push up)

"G" is for grasshopper      "Jump, Jump, Jump!"
"F" is for fox    We had to make sure none of the foxes kicked each other   :-)

"H" is for hippo
Hayden is pretending to sleep....she decided to cover her face too  :-)

"I" is for Iguana pose

Jelly fish pose  :-)

It was really nice out so the 3's did a few yoga poses outside :-)

  We started with armadillo pose  :-)
 Lucy and Alba wanted to flap their butterfly wings using their arms instead of their legs...what a great idea girls!
 Excellent crocodile pose Rossi!

 Super jump Sadie!
 Roar like a lion... (It was fun doing this outside because we could roar as loud as we wanted!)
  Gallop like as unicorn...Nice galloping Jax and Caelen  :-)  Chloe made some good unicorn noises!
 Cute little unicorns  :-)

Arms and legs out for volcano pose...
 1,2,3, Blast off!

 Caelen is trying the yak pose, while Rossi looks through the book :-)

Baby yoga  :-)
 Rowan is sitting and twisting  and Pema is doing some bicycle kicks

 Legs up and side to side :-)
 Ethan and Miss Amanda are doing "arms over head"
 Miss Asia is helping Rowan stretch his legs...he did not want to lay on his back  :-)

 Alex wanted to do some yoga too :-)

 Sooo Big!

 The Toddlers played with stepping stones and tunnels in the rec room

 Hi Peter!

 Piper is walking on the stepping stones  :-)

  Story is going through the tunnel  :-)

 Drew and Brady are taking a turn  in the tunnel
 Greta had lots of fun rearranging the stepping stones and telling me all their colors  :-) 
 Leona is crawling through the tunnel!

 I said "Where is Story?" Piper laughed and pointed as Story crawled out of the tunnel  :-)

 This is a good way to work our legs and practice our balance  :-)

 "Where is Miss Dahlia?"
 There she is!