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Friday, January 26, 2018

Yummy Carrot Fries!

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 Making carrot fries is simple.    :-)
Peel and cut carrots into thick slices. 
Toss with olive oil and sea salt.
 Bake at 350 for appx. 15 min. Cool and enjoy!

3's Class  :)

  Raegan loved the carrot fries!  She ate a bunch  :)

Brooks B kept asking for more!
 Hayden ate lots of carrot fries too.   :)
   Miss Alicia liked them as well!
  We pulled a carrot out of the mystery bag.  (Most of the kiddos guessed that the fries were made out of  carrots)

We had fun passing a whole carrot around :)

  I also read a book about how carrots grow underground.

4's Class

I gave everyone 2 carrot fries to try....

Wyatt is thinking "What are these things?"

Ava liked the carrot fries alot!

Kai informed me that he tried it but didn't like it.  Thanks for trying Kai  :)

Cash was impressed by the big carrot.

Clara is giving it a smell......

Connor asked if I picked this from the ground. I told him someone did, but these came from Meijer!    :-)

 The Nursery had fun exploring carrots and looking at a book about food.   :)

The toddlers enjoyed their carrot fries!


 Brayden and Kate  were looking at the recipe with me.   
 Weston and Addie were chatting about the recipe for a while!

 Sawyer didn't like the carrots, but he did like the recipe card   :)

2's friends!
I passed out the fries and had the kiddos guess what they were made from.  They guessed potato, bananas, and carrots!
 Jax, Jayden, and Ryan all had seconds of the carrot fries. I was proud of Sadie for trying them even though she didn't like them.   :)

 Caelen loved the carrot fries!   He kept asking for more please.   :)

  I pulled a carrot out of the mystery bag!!!

 Audrey enjoyed reading the recipe.   :)
  Passing a carrot around was lots of fun!

Overall, the carrot fries were a big hit!