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Friday, October 28, 2016

Week 7 of Nutrition Expedition: Creepy Carrots!

October 24-28, 2016

Creepy Carrots!

Run for your lives, creepy carrots are coming! We continued our creepy tradition this year by reading the book, Creepy Carrots, by Aaron Reynolds. We followed that up with our annual "Creepy Carrot Hunt", where the children had to find glowing carrots (attached glow sticks) in the dark Rec. Room! The children had such a blast, and have been talking about it ALL week :)

This delightfully spooky story is about a rabbit who thinks he's being stalked by a band of creepy carrots. His parents think he's imagining it. Everywhere he turns, there they are, or are they? Follow the link below to order your own copy of Creepy Carrots and to find out how Jasper Rabbit solves his creepy dilemma. It's definitely a favorite at Joyful Noise!

The infants and toddlers enjoyed reading the boardbook, Where Is Baby's Pumpkin?, by Karen Katz. It's a cute lift-the-flap book about a young child's search for her lost pumpkin. Where could it be? After we found out at the end of the story, we went on a mini pumpkin hunt of our own!

Super Sleuth Questions

1. What was following Jasper Rabbit? (answer:  creepy carrots)

2. What did Jasper do to keep the carrots away? (answer:  he built a giant fence around the carrot field)

3. What did you find hiding in the Rec. Room? (answer:  creepy carrots)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 6 of Nutrition Expedition: Crazy Good Carrot Cake

October 17- 21, 2016

Crazy Good Carrot Cake!

We sharpened our culinary skills by creating a healthier version of carrot cake this week in Nutrition Expedition! It was a carroty good time :)

I found this recipe online, but had to tweak a few ingredients to make it a bit more school-friendly (we're on a budget!). It didn't turn out as "crazy good" as I was hoping for, but good nonetheless (it got better as the week progressed and after the changes to the recipe). Oh well, that's the fun in trying new things, right? And besides, we topped it with a little whipped cream, so the kiddos didn't mind at all :)

The infants played a matching game, where they were given a bowl of produce (banana, apple, and a carrot), and had to match it to its counterpart that was placed on a mat in front of them.  It was fun to see what they gravitated towards.