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Friday, May 31, 2019

Animal Races

This week we moved our bodies like animals!

Slithering like snakes!

 Swing your arms like a monkey  :-)

Can you stomp like an elephant?

Great bear crawling 4's friends!

Nice Kangaroo kick Maggie!

Crab walking was pretty tricky
This little crab got tired!

The "Sawyer froggy" jumped really high!

Time to bear crawl!

Nice job Skylar!

Westin is making monkey sounds while he moves his arms  :-)

"Chomp, chomp, chomp"  Here come the alligators!

Campbell and Lucy are stomping hard like elephants

Nice stomping Zander  :-)

"Move your arms to swim like a fish"

Now its time to fly like a bird....I said "You can flap your wings fast or slow"

Kate said "tweet tweet"   :-)

Great kangaroo kicking everyone!

 "Fly like a bird!"

 Charly is "running like a chicken."  We made lots of chicken sounds too  :-)
 Margaret and Sadie are running fast!

 "Kick, kick, kick like a kangaroo!"    Nice kicking DJ!

 Sophia is waddling like a penguin  :-)

 Charly, DJ, Rossi, and Margaret are looking through the animal cards  :-)

 Great frog jumps girls!  "ribbit, ribbit"

Nursery :-)
 I brought a few pictures of body parts for the infants to look at
 Ethan is showing us his nose!

 Rowan has a picture of a mouth :-)

 I was singing "Beckett has a scarf on his head, on his head"


  We started by swinging our arms like monkeys

Then we kicked like kangaroos.   Piper is holding on to the shelf to help her balance.  Good idea Piper! 

 Then we pretended to fly like birds   :-)

 Time for great big elephant stomps......
 Hi Jake!
 Miss Kelly is helping us crawl like bears  (we made our best "bear noises" too)

 "Chomp, chomp, chomp"  We have a room full of alligators!!

 "Can you swim like a fishy?"    

 Froggy jumps are super fun.  "Ribbit, ribbit"

 Drew, Greta, Brady, Peter, and Jake are waddling like penguins   :-)