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Friday, December 15, 2017

Christmas Yoga

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We sure had a "Holly Jolly" time with this Christmas yoga!
I renamed yoga poses from the cosmic kids website to fit our Christmas theme.    :)

3's Class

Christmas Tree pose

Excellent tree pose Piper!

Twist like a candy cane

Penguin waddle   :)

Hattie is an adorable penguin  :)

Marcus was getting ready to sneak like an elf!

Santa's Sleigh  :)

4's class    

The 4's friends did a nice job at "Santa's Sleigh"   It's a tricky pose that works your abdominal muscles 

Star pose!

 This is reindeer pose.  We are pushing our noses to get the red light to turn on like Rudolph!

This is snowflake pose. Our hands are whisper quiet like snowflakes.  (The room was silent!)

Here we are pretending to tear wrapping paper off presents!  

The wrapping paper was really stuck so we had to really use our muscles to pull it off!

Lovely candy cane twist Wren!

We are all gifts from God so everyone gets a bow while practicing present pose.   :)   

Baby Christmas yoga!

Arms open and closed (unwrapping presents)

Love Piper's smile :)

Sled pose! 

Bodhi is working his arms, shoulders, and tummy!

Christmas Tree pose  :)

Candy cane twists

Finding our toes (elf tip toeing) 

There they are Jacob!

And...we are all gifts from God

Toddler time  :)

Lily is trying the santa's sleigh pose :)

Waddle like a penguin!

 Nice Christmas Tree pose Weston!

Nice Christmas Tree pose Lily!

 Sawyer is a cutie  :)

Brayden is practicing Sled pose :)

Making her own sled!

Kate is trying sled pose too!

                 Addie is putting her hands up for reindeer pose.

Gifts from God   :)

The 2's Friends are getting ready....

They are watching me spread my mat out :)

Santa's Sleigh pose :)

Sadie and Johnny are trying the tricky Santa's Sleigh pose!

Nice moves Harper!

Sled pose works our arms, backs, and tummy  :)

Twisting our bodies like candy canes :)

Our hands are soft like snowflakes....nice job Miss Amanda!

Here we are practicing opening presents  :)    

Charlie is really focused!

Fantastic Christmas tree pose Audrey  :)

Lily is practicing Reindeer pose :)