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Friday, May 18, 2018

Plant crafts

This week I wanted to let the kids do an activity that they can take home with them. Toddlers, two's, and threes did a "what do plants need?" craft and the fours class did a "plant parts" sticker sheet.

3's class....
 Hard at work!

  Marcus was telling me about his sticky fingers!

  Annalee, Henry and Harrison are finishing their projects    :)

4's Room.....

  This activity was pretty tricky, so I wrote numbers on the stickers and the spot they are supposed to go. This made it like a matching game!    :)
 Ava is figuring out what comes next    :)

 I helped Clara match a few of her numbers on her paper.   :)

   Miss Kathy is working with London to get the stickers in the right spot.   :-)

 Joeri was having trouble peeling his stickers off, but we worked through it.   :)

Nursery friends  :-)

  Bodhi loved crawling through the tunnel!
  Graham is thinking of trying it.....

Crawling to Miss Asia :-)

  Graham and Sawyer made it through!
  It was so fun they did it again....and again   :-)
 Piper didn't want to take a turn with the tunnel, but I had to get a picture of her in her super cute panda jammies!
  Jacob didn't want to crawl in the tunnel either, but he loved playing in the kitchen.  :-)
  Hendrick slept through part of Nutrition Expedition, when he woke up he spent some time watching the older kiddos.   :-)

Toddler Room...

The toddlers got to stick on water, sun, and soil to their projects!
  Way to go Zander!

  Lily was excited to stick her water!

 Ari is doing some gluing   :-)

 Kate and Brayden are so busy     :-)

 Rose, Lily, Westin and Zander are all done!   :-)

Great job toddler friends!

2's Room....

I asked "what do plants need?"  They came up with Sun, dirt and water. I told the friends that plants need air too.   :-)

  Harper is using a glue stick!
  Johnny just added his pot of soil to his project!

  Lily is almost done with her picture   :)
  Jax is working hard!
 Nice work Caelen!