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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

green nibble trays

Image result for st patrick's day

St. Patrick's Day is coming up so it seemed like the perfect time to try green fruits and vegetables.

Our green nibble trays included broccoli, granny smith apples, sugar snap peas, green grapes, cucumbers, and spinach.

3's Room

   Alena announced that she tried 1 of everything....way to go!!

  Beau has a mouth full of green goodness!
   Piper is trying spinach!

  Anna is eating a green apple slice     :)

  Brooks is deciding what he wants to try......

  Henry is taking a big bite of the granny smith apple!

Great job threes class!

4's Room :-)

  Cash is trying a green apple!
  Joeri and London are deciding what to try

  Ceci told me that she loves grapes!

  Emerson is about to try a sugar snap pea  :)

  Lots of tasting :-)

  Ava has a nice variety of green foods on her plate :)

The babies had lots of fun exploring a cucumber, a few green apples, and broccoli!

Gretta has one of each!!

Graham loved munching on this apple   :)

Apples for Leona and Jacob   :)

2's Friends :)

Johnny is excited to try some green foods!

Lily is going to try green apples   :)

  Nice job with the tongs Harper!

  I am so proud of her for trying the spinach!

  Charly loved the green grapes   :)

Sophia has a mouth full of green apple!

  Jayden was very excited to show us the spinach leaf!

A full plate of green goodness   :)

Great job 2's class!!!

Toddler time  :)

  Addie was pretty good at using the tongs

Brayden loved the green apples!

I think Lily tried one of everything   :)
   Way to go Weston!


 Nice job using the tongs Sawyer   :)
Kam has such a lovely smile   :) 

The green nibble trays were a big success!