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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Red, Yellow, and Green Apple Tasting

Image result for red yellow green apple clip art

This week we tasted red, yellow, and green apples.  Yummy!!

3's Class

 We tried the different colored apples one at a time.

 Great crunching friends!

 Caelen is going to try a yellow one!

 John and Sadie have green apple smiles  :-)

Ryan is trying a green one  :-)

Sophia is showing that she took a big bite out of the red apple!

 Audrey is circling what apples she liked!

 Lucy is trying a green one!

Nursery  :-)

Ethan has a green apple  :-)

Pema liked this green apple alot!

Raelyn is checking out a green apple    :-)

It's an apple party!!

2's Room

 Lots of crunching and munching!!

 Addie is matching her yellow apple slice to the picture!

 Westin is matching his green apple slice to the picture!

4's Class

We did the apple tasting activity during their small group time :-)

I asked the friends to circle the color apple they liked.

I was asking Evelyn if she liked the green one better than the red.

Finnley thought it was funny that the apple squirted a little juice when I cut it.
We talked about how the apples tasted different.

Raegan told me she liked the yellow one  :-)


We tired the green apples first  :-)

 Jacob didn't really like it...
Henry though the green apple was a little sour..

Johnathan is trying red apple pieces!

Fantastic Job with the apple tasting this week!!!