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Friday, May 17, 2019

How does a seed grow?

This book is pretty cool. It talks about a plant life cycle. The main text builds upon the previous page and repeats, so it was fun to create hand motions for each page.  On each page there is a fold out page that talks a little more in depth about that particular part of the plant life cycle.

Hardcover A Seed Grows Book

2's Room
  The friends colored a garden picture while I read a book about how seeds grow

  The book talks about how seeds grow stems and then flowers...

 Sawyer is coloring his flower blue :-)

 I think Lily and Addie were sharing the orange crayon!  Nice job girls!

 Skylar and Zander are looking at their plant pictures  :-)

 After the first read through of the book we tried it again with the hand motions  
 Kate is trying some of the hand motions and Westin is showing me the picture of the seeds coming out of the stems

4's Room
  We started by coloring the garden pictures....

 Beau chose to color his all black  :-)

 Alyvia is coloring her stems green and Oliver is coloring his stem purple!

 They did a nice job listening to the book!

 I passed around some pictures showing different stages of plant development

 Alena is looking at the seeds inside of a squash
 Next, I read through the book again with the hand motions...

 They did a fantastic job
 "This is the flower that bloomed from the stem"....

 Anna is doing the "seed" motion   :-)

Great job 4's!

I brought plush food and plant pictures for the Nursery
Raelyn is holding a picture of a seed and a sprout and Sophie is pointing to corn! 

Beckett is holding a tomato and Miss Amanda is showing Pema a sunshine  :-) 

 Lucas is holding a little pumpkin....One of the pictures I brought is pumpkin seeds too  :-)

 Alex is holding some corm with Miss Kay  :-)

 Raelyn  thought it was pretty funny when the cucumber was giving her kisses...

 Rowan is looking at the pumpkin seed picture too!

 The toddlers liked the book!

 Henry wanted to touch all the pages...it was pretty cute!

 I was trying to get Leona to turn around to see the book...she was so proud that she was sitting on her animal   :-)

  Piper has a picture of a plant
 Abe is showing us his picture of plants growing  
 Peter has a picture of pumpkin seeds
 Drew has a picture of pumpkin seeds too!

 Greta's picture has a seed sprouting into a plant 
 Leona's picture is showing where the seeds are located
 Hi Brady!

 Story has a picture of a fruit tree  :-)

I was out sick a couple days this week and was not able to make it to the 3's class.